nexusae0_wm_parkedThere are some who after parking their car, will take a photo of the place they parked, like a pillar which shows which level and which zone they are parked in. This makes it easy for them to remember where they left their car. However according to a recent APK teardown by the folks at Android Police, it seems that Google could be planning something similar with Google Now.

According to the APK teardown, they discovered several strings that are seemingly related to parking. This includes strings that mentions where your car is and where is its location. At this point in time it is unclear as to how Google might implement the feature but given that there are apps like Auto Finder and Valet that offer similar features, it could be based on an activity that has already been built into Android that Google will leverage in order to make it a native feature.

The cards on Google Now have been designed to catered to your specifications and needs, or at least what Google thinks you need. For example it will be able to pull up local weather, currency conversion, some choice translations when it detects you’re in a foreign country. It is also able to curate a handful of news articles based on what it thinks you like, so it would not be a stretch of the imagination to think that the cards could also help remind you where you parked.

The image to the right is not the actual image of the card but rather a mockup by the folks at Android Police at what they think it could look like. So far it seems entirely plausible but there’s no telling if this is a feature Google will actually include in its next Android build/update, or if they might decide to omit it, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see that feature arrive in future versions of Android?

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