A couple of screenshots have leaked online which hint at the possibility that Gmail for Android app’s user interface might soon be getting an overhaul. It is unclear if these interface changes are final and are set to be rolled out to the public. Several new features are also seen in the screenshots, though it is reported that most of these features are experimental at this point in time.

One first has to assume that these screenshots are legitimate, since its not hard to fabricate something like this. The user interface does depart a bit from the usual Gmail for Android style, so the possibility exists that its currently in early experimental stage or that it may just be a test of sorts that might never make its way to the public.

The overall user interface is much cleaner and includes rounded profile pics, a straight lift from Google+. There also appears to be a new inbox view which organizes messages based on content. Apparently meta tags like Finance, Social and Forum are automatically applied to emails in this view. The previous starring system for highlighting emails seems to have been replaced by a pin.

Action bar is missing in the purported new user interface, instead there appears to be a floating “+” button at the bottom for composing new emails. Users may also be able to “snooze” messages for as much as several weeks. No word as yet from Google if it intends to roll out an overhauled Gmail app for Android. [Images via Geek]

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