chromecastAbout a couple of weeks ago, we reported that the Google Chromecast was set to launch in several international markets and that the UK market was one of them. Well it turns out that many people in the UK have been eagerly anticipating the Google Chromecast because according to reports, the Chromecast is selling like hotcakes.

According to one retailer, the Dixons group, it seems that demand for the Chromecast has been so great that they are selling on average one unit every 4.5 seconds on the launch day of Chromecast itself which has since resulted in the device going temporarily out of stock.

In other parts of the world, like in Norway, a local retailer was forced to order a second batch of 40,000 units because they had managed to sell out in the first two days as well due to high demand. Unfortunately Google has not commented on the specific number of Chromecast units being sold, but presumably with the units flying off the shelves, it certainly looks like Google did the right thing by expanding into other markets.

For those unfamiliar with Chromecast, it is essentially a USB dongle that users can plug into their televisions. From there they will be able to stream content on their tablets or mobile phones onto their TV for easier watching. There is also a feature that allows users to mirror what they’re surfing on their computers onto their televisions. Priced at $35, we can understand why the Chromecast might be so popular.

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