Google-Plus-Page-Banner1It was earlier today that Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, announced his sudden departure from the company, after thanking them profusely for the great memories that he shared working there over the years, of course. This would have raised a fair number of questions as to “why” that had happened, and what will happen to Google+ down the road?

It does seem as though Google is working on moving away from the original intention of Google+. Apparently, it has been reported that Google+ will no longer be a product that will go toe to toe with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and complete and total integration of Google+ into every product will be halted.

Needless to say, a step down in Google+’s importance would most probably result in a downgrade in resources, too. TechCrunch has already stepped forward to allude that anywhere from a thousand to two thousand employees will be relocated to other divisions, where a great many of them made up the core of Google+. Google Hangouts is said to be making its way to Android, while the Google+ photos team will in all probability, follow suit. Just how does this bit of news affect you, or you never really “got” Google+ in the first place anyways?

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