It has been said that when you pay a visit to the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, catching a glimpse of the sunrise there is one of those unforgettable, soul searing moments in life. Well, not all of us have the financial means to actually fly all the way there, and even if we do, time does not permit. Google knows this, which is why they have decided to bring Angkor Wat to you via Street View on Google Maps.

All temples at Angkor come with their very own story, so in order to make sure that armchair travelers literally get the whole and complete picture, the Google team made full use of their Street View cars, Trekkers and tripods in order to capture the beauty of the ancient site carefully, amassing over 90,000 new panoramic images views along the way.

Google’s Street View has made the world even smaller, and we are pretty sure that the Street View team is not going to stop at Angkor Wat. After all, their past efforts have been extremely impressive, ranging from letting you visit the Eiffel Tower without having to climb all the way up, or to check out Santa’s Grotto whenever you have the post-Christmas blues, to go through the canals of Venice, Italy as you prepare to propose to your other half in the living room, seeing Sydney’s Underwater World without getting wet, or to start looking at your bank account to see if you can make it to Hawaii after being enticed by the Street View action there. Where is the next place that you would like to see Street View tackle? [Press Release]

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