Google Street View recently introduced us to the canals and streets of Venice, Italy, but if you’re one of millions of Americans traveling this week to partake in Thanksgiving festivities, you’re going to need to familiarize yourself with airports and train stations you’ll be visiting. Google has got you covered as the company has announced they have launched an interactive map that features Street Views of over 65 mass transit hubs.

Google’s new Street View of various airports and train stations around the world is being described as a first effort by the company, which we just think it means if you can’t find a Cinnabon stand using their Street View, you should hold your complaints. A total of 16 inter nation airports and over 50 train and subway stations, museums and a cable car station in Hong Kong have been made available in today’s new interactive Street View map.

Google plans on adding more Street Views of transit hubs around the world, which seems to explain why they called this to be their first effort. Hopefully they can help guide wary travelers to their gate in a timely manner, or at least to the nearest Chili’s-To-Go restaurant so they can enjoy a nice basket of buffalo wings while they wait for their flight.

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