Codemasters had previously teased that it was gearing up to launch a new motorsport title. Initial reports suggested that perhaps it was going to announce a new F1 title that would be compatible with post previous and next-gen gaming consoles. However, Codemasters has actually announced Grid Autosport, a new motorsport focused title which will be making its way to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on Jnse 27th.

No word as yet on when the new F1 title is going to be released. This latest title though builds up on the feedback received after Grid 2 was released last year. Some of the games traditional fans had qualms about the features that were taken away, such as the cockpit view.

That finds its way back with Grid Autosport. Two different types of cockpit view will be available, one that will show the driver’s hands and the other that will offer a closer perspective on the track.

Campaigns will be structured around running a team, just like in the original Grid title. Players will be able to get sponsors and teammates on board as they progress across five separate disciplines included in the new title.

As far as next generation support goes, Codemasters tells Eurogamer that it is still working on its next-gen Ego engine and that response from its community indicates that there isn’t any “urgency to move onto those new consoles.”

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