HitmanGO-660x320The Hitman franchise has largely relied on stealth in order for players to complete their missions, although we guess this largely depends on the type of player and whether they’d rather creep their way around, or burst into rooms gun blazing. That being said, Hitman could be getting a less fast-paced version of the game in the Hitman GO title which is scheduled for release on mobile devices.

According to Square Enix Montreal, they have announced that Hitman GO will be seeing a release on the 17th of April where it will launch on iOS devices followed by Android devices at a later date. The game will also be shown off at PAX East this week so there is a good chance we could be hearing about the game in the next few days as well.

The game will be a turn-based version of Hitman and will feature a rather interesting look in the form of a diorama-styled set pieces on a grid. It will sort of play like the Hitman game, except in turn-based style, and will also offer players access to the usual suspects, like disguises, distractions, sniper rifles, and the likes.

The game will also be priced at $4.99 and will offer access to 68 levels, all of which can be unlocked by playing through the entire game. The studio has also announced that there will be additional levels added in the future, so that’s something worth looking forward to. No word on whether the game will have in-app purchases (we’re hoping not) so we guess we’ll just have to wait until the 17th of April to find out. In the meantime who else is looking forward to this new style of Hitman on their phone/tablets?

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