So the other day we reported that Square Enix Montreal was set to release Hitman GO on the 17th of April and sure enough they have. The game has been launched for iOS devices where it is priced at $4.99. An Android version is expected at a later date but for now, iOS users will be able to enjoy it first.

The game is a turn-based game and is very different from the original Hitman franchise. While it does a bit of stealth, the game feels more like a board game than anything. Players are tasked with certain missions in every stage where they have to ensure that they are not seen by security and try to make it to the finish point.

They are able to “take out” security guards as well as their targets by knowing them off the board, as well as hide in plants in order to conceal themselves from security. There are many stages gamers can look forward to, although to unlock new chapters, gamers will have to obtain a certain number of “stars” per chapter.

Each missions has anywhere between 1-3 objectives, so if you were to head directly to the finish point, you’d miss out on two additional stars. The game has a fair amount of replayability, especially if you want to see if there’s a better way to accomplish a mission. The game also offers in-app purchases such as hints as well as walkthroughs, but other than that you don’t really need to make any purchases to enjoy the game fully.

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