l5-luxury-carIf you happen to have at least $800,000 sitting in your bank account, and you are in the market for a brand new ride, just which particular vehicle would you decide to settle for? Some folks might want to check out the various established names like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Bugatti, but Chinese company Hongqi wants a slice of the supercar market, offering the Hongqi L5 that seems to be far more impressive than most of the Western luxury rides out there, considering its $803,300 price tag in the first place.

The Hongqi L5 is extremely heavy, which means you will have to fork out a whole lot of dough for its fuel, considering how it weighs in at a whopping 6,950 pounds, which is 1,300 pounds more than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Then again, if you can already afford a ride like this, it should not be a problem at all to address its fuel costs, right?

Underneath the hood, you will be able to find a powerful 402-horsepower V-12 engine to provide the relevant amount of power and torque to all four wheels. On the outside it might look like a classic ride from the days of yore, but step in and you will be transported to the future. Within the L5, you will find that both driver and passengers do not come up short when it comes to their fair share of displays, and do expect its fair share of luxurious trappings inside. The first car has already been sold to a certain Mr. Wang Zhonghua who is the owner of furniture mall chain.

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