tv-busJust when you thought that the world of advertising could not get any more interesting, along comes this unique interactive TV bus that has been touted to be the first of its kind in the world. Basically, experts and those with adequate technical know-how spent over 1,000 man hours in order to transform a standard issue double decker bus to create the world’s first interactive TV bus, where one side of it comes covered with over 230,400 LEDs.

This particular bus happens to be owned by Curb, and it has been hailed to tour London already so that it is able to promote the launch of London Live, which happens to be the first dedicated 24/7 TV entertainment channel in the capital.

The size of the screen itself measures a whopping 36 square meters, making it the largest vehicular screen that has been built to date, and it is also the largest outdoor TV screen in London (if you do not take the one in Wembley Stadium into consideration), delivering over 24 billion colors at one hundred frames a second. You know something? I would like to see which would be the first couple that will actually use this unique interactive TV bus to agree to a marriage proposal. Looks like some concepts are realized sooner rather than later.

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