leica-tWhen it comes to cameras, the name Leica is certainly one of the heavyweights not to be trifled with, although you would need to have a way bigger budget compared to purchasing the average DSLR. The company has finally jumped aboard the mirrorless camera bandwagon, but do not expect their interchangeable-lens shooter to come cheap. Apparently, the Leica T will retail for approximately $1,850 thereabouts – sans a lens (!). It is, however, a surefire thing of beauty, that cannot be denied.

The Leica T will in fact, resemble a camera whose design would whet the appetite of any serious shutterbug who is on the lookout for a brand new camera. Its core has been chiseled from a single solid block of aluminum (ain’t that the going trend these days among gizmos), where you end up with a beautiful as well as durable body. Hardware specifications of this shooter would include a a 12,500 top ISO, 16-megapixel APS-C sensor, 1080p video capture ability, a 3.7-inch high resolution touchscreen, and a 5 fps continuous shooting mode among others.

Apart from that, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity has also been thrown into the mix, where you can choose to include an optional electronic viewfinder if that is your cup of tea. The presence of a new lens mount would translate to you forking out $395 on an adapter in order for you to make use of your M-mount glass, or you also have the choice of picking up a couple of T-mount lenses – the $1,750 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom or the 23mm f/2 prime lens that ought to arrive at a similar price point. [Product Page]

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