Developers often offer ad-free and ad-supported versions of their applications. This way they can continue to earn money without leaving a subset of users out. Those who want to pay for the app can do so and not see any ads. Those who don’t want to pay have to bear ads, through which developers make money. Though we can all agree that in-app ads are often infuriating and deteriorate the user experience. The folks behind Madison think so as well. Its a new Android application which aims to help users get rid of in-app ads, but the catch is that they have to view “relevant” ad content on their home screens.

For sharing the home screen space with Madison, it rewards users with Google Play credits. These credits can be used to purchase ad-free premium versions of any application. The idea seems simple enough. You agree to seeing relevant ads on your homescreen, get credits in return, buy your favorite apps and games to enjoy an ad-free experience. The Madison app includes a feedback toolbar through which users can like, dislike, skip or share ads based on their preferences, so they do have some say in the content displayed on their home screen.

The startup behind this application says that it is working with national brands to ensure that ads, deals and videos displayed on the home screen are worth putting there. The timing of Madison’s launch depends upon gathering enough brands with ample relevant content, it won’t launch without enough content. It is now accepting signups from people who wish to participate in a private beta, which launches this summer.

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