surface-2-review--024There have been rumors that Microsoft could be planning on debuting a Surface Mini tablet which would essentially be a smaller version of the Surface tablet. The rumors claim that instead of 10-inch display, the Surface Mini could instead sport a smaller 8.1-inch display and could even feature Kinect-like motion sensing.

So when will this rumored device be unveiled, if at all? Well if a recent tweet from the Microsoft Surface account in Japan is anything to go by, it seems that we can look forward to some kind of Surface-related announcement at the Microsoft BUILD conference which will be taking place tomorrow.

The tweet is written in Japanese but according to the Bing translation, it translates in something about peripherals related to the Surface tablet that will be announced on the 2nd of April, which is when BUILD will be taking place. Assuming the translation is accurate, it seems that the announcement might only have to do with Surface peripherals, and not a new Surface device.

In any case last we heard, the Surface Mini was pegged for a June launch so perhaps we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but do check back with us tomorrow. At this point in time we can expect Microsoft to unveil Windows Phone 8.1 along with Nokia announcing a couple of new handsets.

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