windows81-rtmThe race against time is on, as machines that run on Windows XP would soon be at a disadvantage as no more security updates will be offered for that particular platform, as Microsoft hopes that the world would make the jump to the Windows 8 platform. Having said that, plenty of banks worldwide have ATMs and computers that run on Windows XP, and these have been urged to make the jump already. Resona Holdings of Japan, which happens to be the parent company of a number of banks in the Land of the Rising Sun, has recently upgraded 30,000 of its client terminals from Windows XP to Windows 8.


Microsoft is pleased to announce that this happens to be one of the biggest deployments of Windows 8 made to date, and this entire exercise was completed at the end of February, putting the banks in good stead to meet the upcoming tide as Microsoft’s support of Windows XP ends on April 8th.

Tetsuya Shiratori, executive officer and general manager of Information Technology Planning Division at Resona Holdings, shared, “We decided to migrate straight to Windows 8, and we had no opposition to taking advantage of the latest products to boost efficiency. In addition to the cost savings resulting from standard Windows 8 functions and the great usability, including boot speed, we also managed the whole migration operation with unprecedented speed through using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.” [Press Release]

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