xbox oneNowadays with computers becoming just as good, if not better, a device to game on, console manufacturers need to start coming up with features in order to get more users on board. So far we’ve seen how consoles these days are starting to become more social and how they are also connected, allowing users to surf the web aside from just playing games.


However it seems that Microsoft wants to take things to the next level, according to a report from Bloomberg who reports that Microsoft has a bunch of original content lined up and that there are more in the works. As it stands there are apparently six new series that Microsoft has planned and that there are a dozen more or so projects that have yet to be finalized.

For example one of the series that Microsoft has planned is called “Every Street United” which is a football reality show. However apart from just offering content, Microsoft plans on making it interactive by allowing gamers to unlock more content, such as extra scenes, and play mini games. There is another show called “Humans” that will offer gamers and viewers a way to follow up on characters in the show outside of the show’s plot itself.

Microsoft’s move is hardly surprising given that Sony recently announced their own original series called “Powers” which would be released for the PlayStation Network. It definitely sounds like consoles will no longer be used just for gaming and with exclusive and original content, picking up a new console will no longer be such an easy choice.

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