minecraft-candyIt is a given that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been a runaway success, and there is no doubt about it with over 10 million copies sold at the end of last year. Apart from that, there has been texture packs made available in the past such as the Skyrim texture pack, and here we are today that the Candy Texture Pack is now available for the masses to download.


If you are still in the mood for Easter and have yet to eat your fill of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and the like, and also love everything that Candy Crush offers, as this particular Candy Texture Pack comes complete with Ice-cream trees, gingerbread Golems, soda seas, as well as chocolate cake stone amongst other goodies that your dentist would definitely disapprove. The Candy Texture Pack is available for download via the Microsoft Store for $1/€0.95/£0.65, which is a whole lot more affordable compared to a candy bar.

To date, what is your favorite texture pack that was made available on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition so far? Even more interestingly, how many texture packs have you purchased in the past? Variety is, after all, the spice of life, and to see different textures appear in your virtual universe is a tantalizing idea.

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