As far as space agencies go, NASA is hands down the most popular in the world. The U.S. space agency has been at the forefront of space exploration for decades, recent achievements include putting a rover on Mars. The DPRK a.k.a North Korea seems to have taken some inspiration from NASA. It has announced the launch of its own space agency called the National Aerospace Development Administration. NADA is the acronym, which is Spanish for “nothing.” More surprising is the stark resemblance between NASA and NADA’s logos.


A statement released by the state-controlled Korea Central News Agency says that North Korea has launched NADA to “put into practice the idea and principle of the DPRK government to develop the space for peaceful purpose.” Last year North Korea adopted a law which includes opposition to space weaponization.

The aforementioned statement also describes at length the thought that went into developing the logo. The Great Bear constellation “reflects the will of the space scientists of the DPRK to glorify Kim Il Sung’s and Kim Jong Il’s Korea as a space power.” whereas the two light-blue rings act as satellite orbits. The statement conveniently leaves out mentioning resemblance between the two logos.

Its unclear what projects NADA is going to work on, it may be a safe bet to say that its not putting a man on the moon anytime soon.

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