Pub crawls are nothing new and we’re sure many of you guys have participated in them before. However for some we can only imagine that staying put in one location might be more preferred, as opposed to traveling to multiple bars in a single night because the more drunk you are, the harder it gets to get to the next location!

That being said, it seems that several bars in NYC are taking advantage of technology to help drum up more business according to Mobile Marketer. These bars will be using Apple’s iBeacon technology to help gamify the pub crawl tradition in a feature called “BeaconCrawl”. Basically the idea is that iBeacons will be installed in various sponsored venues in different locations throughout the city.

Pub goers will be able to reach those destinations by following instructions on their phone and by doing so, they will be given rewards. These rewards come in the form of special drinks, perks, and will also be given points for completing particular tasks, like ordering food, sharing content, and so on.

According to BeaconCrawl’s organizer, Bill Aurnhammer, the CEO and founder of the Aurnhammer event company, “Pub crawls and pop-up parties are popular all over the world. Using beacons, we’ve turned the traditional crawl into a scavenger hunt by combining the two ideas.” The event will be kicking off on the 20th of May and for those interested in participating, the app will go live on the 2nd of May.

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