compute-moduleMuch has been talked about concerning the highly affordable Raspberry Pi, and here we are with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module being introduced to the masses. The main role of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is to target hobbyists who want to incorporate the Raspberry Pi as the core of their own printed circuit boards, where the Compute Module functions as the brains of the Pi, considering how it is well equipped with RAM and 4GB of eMMC Flash memory to get you started.

James Adams, Director of Hardware at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, shared, “We love hearing about what users are doing with their Raspberry Pis, and are constantly amazed at the range of projects, as well as the inventiveness and creativeness of the community.We are also aware that there are a very significant number of users out there who are embedding the Raspberry Pi into systems and even commercial products. We think there needs to be a better way to allow people to get their hands on this great technology in a more flexible form factor, but still keep things at a sensible price.”

Kits that will comprise of the Compute Module and IO Board will be made available from this June onward, while the Compute Modules can be purchased as a standalone device slightly later after that.

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