20140415000680_0Given the fact that the Samsung Gear Fit sports a slightly curved design, we can only assume that it also uses a curved battery. After all regular batteries might be too stiff and inflexible to be used in such a design, and recently Samsung has confirmed it as you can see in the image above.


This is according to Samsung SDI, a division of Samsung that specializes in creating displays and batteries. The battery revealed was created using V-bending and cell-stacking technology, and according to the company, the result is a curved battery that is a battery with 210 milliamp-hours that is apparently five times longer than existing wearable batteries.

At the moment the battery shown off is being used by the Gear Fit, although we’re pretty sure now that Samsung has a decently sized curved battery, we can expect to see it make its way into future curved products as well. Samsung did not mention if they were planning on mass producing these batteries for sale to other manufacturers.

In fact one of the challenges of making a curved/flexible smartphone is not only creating a flexible display, which both Samsung and LG have managed to do, but also create components that are similarly flexible as well. After all what use is a flexible smartphone if it won’t bend/flex because its components are too rigid, right?

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