sony a7sWhen Sony officially unveiled the Sony A7s, they did not mention how much it would cost, but thanks to a retailer in the UK who has started taking pre-orders, we can get an idea of how much the camera could cost, and boy does it not come cheap!

According to the retailer, WexUK, they have started taking pre-orders for the Sony A7s and have priced the camera at £2,500 for the body-only (meaning that if you wanted to get it with the kit lens, you’re going to have to pay more).

Now we know you guys are probably thinking that this might just be a placeholder price, but apparently it isn’t. When asked on Twitter to confirm the price as to whether it is official or if it simply their guess, WexUK replied by saying that the prices were given to them by Sony, although they do note that it is possible that it could change from now until its release date.

At the moment WexUK sells the Sony A7r for £1,669 which makes the Sony A7s around 50% more expensive. If we were to apply that logic for US prices and take the A7r’s price in the US under consideration, it would mean that the A7s in the US could cost a whopping $3,450 which is undoubtedly a lot more expensive than we would have liked.

Then again different countries have different pricing schemes and methods, taking into consideration the currency and local taxes, so hopefully in the US it will not be that much more expensive.  What do you guys think? If the Sony A7s was that expensive in the US, would you still consider it based on its features?

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