One of the Nintendo games that many are looking forward to this year includes Super Smash Bros., and during Nintendo’s recent Nintendo Direct conference, it was revealed that the game will be seeing a release this summer for the 3DS handheld console, and as for Wii U gamers, the game will arrive in Winter 2014 instead which is unfortunately a lot later than its 3DS counterpart.

This was confirmed by Super Smash Bros. boss, Sakurai Masahiro during Nintendo Direct where he also went on to reveal additional characters that would be joining the lineup. The characters include Charizard, Sheik, and Zero Suit Samus. Previously these characters were only part of another character, like how Charizard was part of the Pokemon Trainer character.

Yoshi will also be making a return and for those who were hoping for something new, there will be a new character from the Pokemon X and Y universe in the form of Greninja. We’re not sure why the Wii U version is delayed by so long but we guess if you really wanted to get the game, it looks like you’ll have to play the 3DS version first.

It’s starting to sound like the latest Super Smash the game we’ve all been waiting for and hopefully it will live up to the hype surrounding it. Nintendo will also be releasing Mario Kart 8 towards the end of next month so hopefully with both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., Nintendo will be able to enjoy higher Wii U and 3DS sales.

In the meantime if you want to watch the Nintendo Direct presentation for Super Smash Bros., you can check it out in the video above, although it does run for close to 40 minutes so you might want to take some time from your day to check it out.

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