sextThere is nothing quite like a survey to pull out some cold, hard facts about a particular situation, and a survey that comprises of college students as the subjects of questions, close to 50% of those claim that they have sent a sexy text – or a “sext” if you will, without meaning the content within to be true. In a nutshell, sexters do not wear or do what they laid claim to in reality.

The survey’s lead author, Michelle Drouin shared, “This already exists in face-to-face interactions, like with orgasms it’s common. I expected people would also be ‘faking it’ in sexts.” Welcome to the real world, Michelle, and I am quite sure that you have not seen the worst of human nature and behavior just yet. In this survey that drew its conclusions from a pool of 155 participants where he/she happens to be in a committed relationship.

The reason behind the lies are simple – it is either for themselves, for others, or neither. Two thirds lied to keep their partner happy while the remainder sum lied to help themselves. Considering how around twice as many women as men had deceptively sexted, there really isn’t that much change as opposed to lying during sex itself.

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