tmobile-logoT-Mobile has at long last managed to complete its deal to purchase $2.4 billion worth of wireless spectrum from Verizon, which means it has the green light to deliver LTE data on the 700MHz band. In layman’s terms, this would allow the Un-carrier to upgrade the different areas where there is only 2G connectivity to hit 4G speeds – a double jump, so to speak. Apart from that, this wireless support will also be arrive at densely populated urban centers such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C., Detroit and New York, allowing current LTE users to be able to enjoy a far more consistent level of coverage whether one is indoors or deep down in the basement.


T-Mobile hopes that customers will begin to reap the benefits of this spectrum acquisition as early as the end of this year, which is rather fast when you think about it. One would be able to experience download speeds of up to 72 Mbps, and T-Mobile is currently working on developing 4G LTE super-highways which are extremely fast and wide open, where theoretially speaking, one will be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 147Mbps, now how abut that? Looks like going to the countryside to visit your friends and family would not longer leave you without any LTE connectivity. [Press Release]

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