They say that staring too long at a computer screen or television screen can make your eyesight worse, or at least that’s one of the favorite arguments that parents tend to make. That being said, it is a little ironic that there’s now an app available on the iPhone and Android devices that will supposedly help to improve your eyesight.

The app is called Ultimeyes and we’re sure that some of you guys have heard of it before. The app was originally released for computers before it was recently announced for mobile devices, thus allowing users to improve their eyesight while on the go. The app, developed by Carrot Neurotechnology, is basically an interactive game that will supposedly help improve the player’s eyesight.

The game involves the player trying to track down blobs on the screen which are constantly shifting around. According to a group of ballplayers from the University of California, they claim that this helped improve their eyesight by playing the game for 25-30 minute intervals. Their vision has extended by an average of 31%, with some claiming that their vision has also improved to 20/7.5.

The app is currently available on iTunes and Google Play so if you don’t mind checking it out, hit up the respective app stores for the download which will set you back $5.99. In the meantime you can check out how the game works in the video above.

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