drone-leashDrones are starting to enter our mainstream consciousness, whether it is meant for military purposes or being involved in some of the more peaceful tasks such as delivering a package to your doorstep. Heck, who knows that the day might come when some of us treat drones as pets. Sounds crazy, I know.

Of course, if the population of drones start to increase exponentially, then it might be rather crazy to see so many flying devices all over the place, so much so that proper regulation would need to be in place before such a situation arises in the first place. Some folks have come up with rather innovative methods to fly such vehicles in a safe manner.

For instance, roboticist Sergei Lupashin shared, “I’m using a dog leash for a small dog,” as he demonstrates a new kind of consumer-friendly drone at the Ted (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference which was held in Vancouver. This drone is known as the Fotokite, and when tethered to a dog leash, it will be able to avoid issues that are faced by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which right now have been banned because one would need a special license before flying it around. Makes perfect sense when you take into consideration the safety and privacy concerns involved.

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