weibo-record-apologyIt does seem to be a day of records when it comes to messages – but it was Chinese actor Wen Zhang’s apology to his actress wife after rumors of his infidelity went around that has managed to set a record for comments as well as retweets on Sina Weibo, which has been touted by many to be China’s version of Twitter.

This particular apology from Wen Zhang has managed to stir a huge amount of interest among the Internet savvy population, as he has long carried the image of being a happily married family man. Early Monday, Wen Zhang posted a statement that his wife, Ma Yili, “and the children could have had a warm and nice life, but everything was destroyed by me.”

Fast forward to Wednesday, and his post had already been forwarded by over 1.2 million times, having picked up close to 1.9 million comments. Wen Zhang, who has a whopping 52 million followers, did receive his fair share of angry comments which was expected of ordinary folk when their hero or someone whom they hold in high regard fails them.

According to Sina Weibo, most of the folks who discussed Wen’s post happen to be educated women and girls aged 24 and under. Wen’s new record surpassed that of pop singer Faye Wong when she announced that she will be getting a divorce.

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