Musician is many things. He’s a singer, producer, happens to be on Intel’s payroll and has even created iPhone accessories. Now most of the time celebrities just lend their names to a brand and get a big cheque in return, they don’t necessarily dabble in what that particular brand does. Though it looks like has got some interest in the wearable market. He recently stopped by a British talk show and showed off his smartwatch. says its going to launch this July.

He says that this smartwatch has been built by a company that he himself started and funded. Apparently it blows every other smartwatch out of the water, that is if you believe whatever said about it on the show. Without being tethered to a smartphone, it can make and receive phone calls. It can play music, has support for Bluetooth headphones and can even access services like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. even tweeted following his appearance on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show that the smartwatch is indeed real, and that he will share “more info” soon. How do we know it launches this July? Well he tweeted that he’s going to give a unit to Alan Carr before it launches in the aforementioned month. What do you think? Is this for real?

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