The world of sports, too, have taken large strides thanks to the wonders of modern day technology. Take tennis for instance – the HawkEye cam has proven to be quite a revelation, especially when it comes to tight line calls, which makes one wonder why can’t soccer take the same approach as well to end disputes of ghost goals once and for all. Well, we did check out Adidas’ Brazucam soccer ball earlier, and here we are with Wilson and their smart basketball which is touted to be able to keep track of players on the court.

This sensor-infused smart basketball from Wilson will pair up with an app to help players improve their performance, as the sensor keep track of one’s location and movement. ll of the sensors will remain within the ball, which means the ball would not offer any kind of awkward physics or the ilk, working just like any other normal one. Such sensors will synchronize to a smartphone app which will offer players information on how well they’re shooting, their optimal positions on the court, dribbling time, and the amount of time required to release a shot.

Heck, it is also capable of tracking the kind of shots that you make on a consistent basis, as well as those that you miss. This ought to help you weed out your weaknesses as you practice. Expect to see this smart basketball hit the consumer market before the year is over if all goes well.

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