It does seem to be pretty common to see cameras make an appearance in various aspects of our lives, and when it comes to the world of sports, new technologies and better lenses have resulted in ever more intimate angles of our heroes decked out in their jerseys and sports get-up as they attempt to create history or pull off what seems to be an impossible move. Sports equipment giant Adidas has successfully developed the Brazucam soccer ball that will see action at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, where the Brazucam will boast of half a dozen high definition cameras that will record the game from never-seen-before angles.

As for the kind of angle that one can expect, it will most probably result in an extremely dizzying result, especially when players on the field slice the soccer ball in such a fierce manner to evoke quite a spin to evade defenders and make its way into the goal. Adidas intends to roll out a new video on its YouTube channel every week as the ball makes its way around the world before arriving at the World Cup in Brazil. What next, having players’ jerseys carry some sort of integrated GoPro cams that have been miniaturized?

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