nokia-icon-review-002It was earlier this month that Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8.1. Not only is the update introducing changes to the smartphone operating system, but will also come bundled with new features, such as Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant. Unfortunately Microsoft did not mention when the update will be released, although as it stands the Developer Preview is available.

Now it turns out that according to a Microsoft executive who spoke to Gizbot at an event in Bangalore, it seems that end-users can only expect to receive the Windows Phone 8.1 update by mid-June. This means that there is still more than a month left of waiting, which we guess isn’t too bad given that iOS 7 took a few months before it was officially released as well.

However the semi-good news is that getting your hands on the Developer Preview version of the update isn’t as hard as you might think. There are many out there who have done so already and are running the update on their phone. However we should note that this is the Developer Preview and that there is a chance that changes will be made to the OS before it is released to the masses.

It is also possible that there are still bugs in the Developer Preview that have yet to be sorted out, so your experience might not be optimal and definitely not what Microsoft has in mind. Either way if you can wait, we guess mid-June will be when you will want to mark your calendars for.

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