When it comes to creating tablets, Xiaomi might not necessarily be a company that comes to mind. Smartphones maybe, tablets not really. In any case thanks to a recent teaser by the company (via GizChina), it seems that they could be unveiling a new tablet on the 23rd of April is only a few days away.

The teaser image shows off a side-profile of the device which upon first glance, reminds us of either Apple’s Magic Trackpad, Apple Keyboard, or Lenovo’s Yoga tablet. Unfortunately at this point in time, there’s not much known about Xiaomi’s tablet efforts, meaning that as far as hardware specs and features are concerned, it is still a mystery.

The design of the device, however, has been somewhat revealed in the teaser image, but then again it’s only a side profile so it’s hard to tell what the actual device will look like. However if it does end up resembling the Lenovo Yoga tablet, we can only imagine that Lenovo will not be too pleased about it.

There’s also no telling if Xiaomi will bring the device to international markets. In the past Xiaomi has typically released devices for China or for the Asian region, but the company has expressed interest in expanding beyond its borders so who knows. Either way if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check back with us on the 23rd of April for the details.

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