While we still await an official announcement from Motorola for the Moto X’s successor, a rumor has been floating around that the company might soon launch a 64GB Moto X. Now that might appeal to folks who believe that the smartphone’s existing 16/32GB storage options are simply not enough. References to this high storage model were found in the company’s website and now leaked documents from Sprint also mention the 64GB Moto X.

Even though its not a done deal at this point in time the leaked documents show that the company communicated to Sprint about the 64GB Moto X. The smartphone is already offered by all major U.S. carriers so its likely that the others might have been notified as well. Motorola’s customization suite, Moto Maker, can also be used to buy the smartphone from any of the four major carriers.

One leaked document claims that the 64GB Moto X would only be sold through Sprint’s website whereas the 16/32GB versions would continue to be sold through the carrier’s retail stores. An internal employee calendar lists the release date as May 23rd, which was last Friday. It wasn’t announced then so perhaps its possible that the launch might have been pushed back.

Out of date documents have appeared online in the past so its very likely that Sprint amended the date and updated its internal calendar. There’s also the possibility that Motorola might have decided to skip the 64GB version altogether. The company hasn’t commented on any of these rumors as yet so there’s no telling for sure when the 64GB Moto X will be officially launched.

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