iphone-5s-review-007If you have an older iPhone unit, like the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it seems that Apple wants you to upgrade. A couple of days ago we reported that Apple was planning some kind of big iPhone upgrade event, well it looks like that event has kicked off. Apple has recently started sending out emails to their customers, informing them that they should come in and upgrade to the latest iPhone.

According to the email, it reads, “It’s a beautiful time for an upgrade. You may be eligible for upgrade pricing on a new iPhone. And if you bring in your old iPhone to be recycled, you could get credit toward a new one. Ask us for details.” The folks at 9to5Mac also note that Apple Store staff have also been instructed to push upgrades to those with the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

In fact if you were to trade in your iPhone 4, you could get up to $99 for the unit, while those with the iPhone 4S could trade in and get as much as $199 for it, which means that on contract, they could get a brand new iPhone 5s for free. Best Buy is also reportedly getting in on the action, although we’re not sure if they were inspired by Apple or if it was a planned promotional event with Apple.

Over at Best Buy, they are offering customers up to $200 for an iPhone 5, $150 for the iPhone 4S, and $100 for the iPhone 4. This event also seems to be in line with Tim Cook’s plan to use the iPhone as an entry device into Apple’s other products. In 2013 Cook was reportedly trying to push iPhone sales in the Apple Store because he believed that by buying phones from the store, customers could then be introduced to other Apple products that they could end up buying as well.

In any case if you were looking for a new phone and you don’t plan on waiting for the iPhone 6, perhaps you’ll want to head on over to your local Apple Store to check out the deal.

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