beats-music-logo-red-purpleOne of the reasons Beats Music’s subscriber base is still quite small could be due to the fact that the service is relatively new, only having been launched earlier this year. It could also be the fact that unlike other streaming services, such as Spotify, Beats Music does not have a free tier for listening to music.

Instead listeners were only give a 7-day trial period, after which they had to subscribe to continue using the service. Well it looks like on the day Apple announced that they would be acquiring Beats, the service has undergone some improvements and has changed some of their policies. For starters, the trial period has been extended to 14-days, and the annual subscription has received a price cut.

The annual subscription was priced at $120 for the entire year, but it is now only charged at $100, a savings of $20, which is an even bigger saving compared to having to subscribe on a month-to-month basis. It is unclear as to why Beats Music has decided to drop its price and extend its trial period.

Perhaps it could be Apple’s way of reassuring customers that Beats Music is here to stay, and that they will not be shutting its service down in favor of promoting iTunes Radio. Or perhaps Apple realized that Beats Music’s model was wrong and decided that these are some of the changes need to gain more subscribers, but either way we guess consumers win.

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