Modern technology has done wonders for citizen journalism. We hold in our pockets these days some of the best devices for documenting photo and video evidence. Even law enforcement has picked up on this trend, LAPD has a new portal through which it seeks any such evidence collected by citizens. CNN now bills itself as the “first major news network” that allows folks to contribute stories directly through Google Glass.

Google’s wearable device is actually one of the best devices for this purpose. Its very easy to capture a photo or video using the wearable. If you happen to find yourself at a location where a potential story might be breaking, documenting it through Glass would be a walk in the park since it essentially sees what you see.

The network already has an established citizen journalism platform called iReport which now makes it way to Google Glass. Explorers, the select group of people that Google has bestowed units upon, first have to authorize CNN to send notifications to their Glass unit. Once that is done they can manage settings and even like up an existing iReport profile.

When everything is up and running “CNN iReport” will appear as a sharing option for photos and videos, allowing Explorers to share any media that might help the network with a report easily and very quickly.

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