cortana ukThe thing about voice assistant software is that worldwide adoption can prove tricky. This is because people around the world speak all sorts of languages. Even the English language will range in accent and tone, depending on which part of the world speaks it, meaning that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The good news is that as far as UK users are concerned, Microsoft has teased on its Twitter page that Cortana will soon be brought to the region. Given that the account used to post the teaser was the UK account for Windows Phone, chances are that this announcement will most likely be targeted at UK users.

What this means is that Cortana should now officially support the UK. Prior to this, Windows Phone users were able to go ahead and download the Windows Phone 8.1 preview. They could also trick the OS to enable Cortana by saying that they were in the US. However we suppose mileage varied, depending on their accents and pronunciation, but given its official support is coming soon, perhaps Cortana will function more smoothly for UK users.

In fact Cortana’s arrival to the UK was confirmed by Microsoft earlier this month. During a Reddit AMA, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore confirmed that Cortana would be expanding to countries like UK and China, and will be making its way to Canada and Australia in the future as well. No word on when this will take place, but if the teaser is anything to go by, it will be “soon”.

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