It will take some time for gigabit internet to reach every home in the country, however cable operators are putting in a lot of resources to bring it to the masses. Even Google has joined in on the action, offering gigabit-speed broadband to a handful of markets through Google Fiber. This year the Cox gigabit internet service is going to be rolled out. Cox Communications has committed to this schedule and the company says it will invest “hundreds of millions of dollars” to make it happen.

Cox is the third largest cable operator in the U.S. behind Comcast and Time Warner Cable and has some six million customers. The operator is initially going to upgrade its existing network in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Omaha to provide gigabit-speeds to residential customers by the fourth quarter of 2014.

Most cable operators market their high-speed internet service to customers but Cox is going directly after residential customers. Its service will be offered first in select new construction projects in the aforementioned markets.

Unfortunately those who are not in these markets will have to wait until 2016, at least that’s when Cox expects to expand its gigabit internet service to all of its markets. Cox does say that the service will be “competitively priced” when it launches. For those who are not in the initial gigabit markets, Cox is going to double the speeds of existing 25 and 50mpbs internet service for all of them later this year.

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