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Verizon Hits 1.07Gbps LTE Record
There no doubt that mobile data speeds will be significantly faster than they are today. Carriers and network equipment companies are working hard to provide gigabit-standard speeds for mobile devices. To that end, Verizon, Ericsson, and Qualcomm have made an announcement highlighting their latest achievement. They have been able to hit a new LTE wireless broadband speed record of 1.07 Gbps.

ZTE Gigabit Phone Reveal Confirmed For MWC 2017
4G LTE networks are a thing of the past as tech companies are now focusing on 5G which will provide even faster data speeds on mobile devices. Qualcomm came out with a gigabit LTE-compatible chip last year while the first gigabit internet network went live in Australia just last month. More tech is going to filter into the market that supports the next-generation data standard and ZTE is through its […]

Google Fiber Has Gone Live In Salt Lake City
Google has gradually been expanding its Fiber gigabit internet service in more cities across the United States. A few months ago it announced that Salt Lake City will be the next location in which the service will go live and that has happened today. Google Fiber has gone live in Salt Lake City starting today.

Comcast's Gigabit Internet Twice As Expensive Where Google Fiber Isn't Available
Google isn’t the only company that’s providing gigabit internet services in select cities of the United States. Conventional ISPs have some skin in the game as well. They appear to be matching Google Fiber in the cities where it’s available, but a new report shows that Comcast’s gigabit internet service is almost twice as expensive in cities where Google Fiber isn’t available.


Google Fiber Could Come To Dallas
Google has gradually been expanding its Fiber gigabit internet service across the United States and now it’s looking at yet another potential city where it could expand the service. The company has announced today that it’s looking at Dallas, Texas, as the next potential Google Fiber city. It’s only exploring the idea right now so it can’t be said for sure if Google Fiber will really become available in Dallas.

Comcast Gigabit Internet Coming To Nashville
It was back in February this year that Comcast confirmed it’s intention to roll out its gigabit internet service in five cities across the country. It said that the 1Gbps service is going to be available to customers in Atlanta and Nashville early this year, while folks in Detroit, Chicago, and Miami will get it later on in 2016. Comcast has now confirmed that it has started rolling out the […]

AT&T Gigabit Internet In San Francisco Finally
Residents in San Francisco’s Bay Area will be delighted to find out that AT&T has announced the regional roll out of its gigabit internet service today. Tens of thousands of residents can now get AT&T’s GigaPower service for internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. AT&T has previously launched this service in Cupertino last year.

Google Fiber Heads To San Francisco
Google’s gigabit internet service is slowly being expanded to more cities across the country. Google Fiber’s next destination is a bit closer to home. The company announced today that Google Fiber is coming to “a portion” of San Francisco, the service will initially be provided only to condos, apartments and affordable housing units.

Google Fiber Coming To Huntsville
Google has gradually been expanding its gigabit internet service in more cities across the country. Given the significant amount of work that’s required to set up the infrastructure it has to make sure that it’s on the same page with the city and community which is why these announcements are usually made by city officials. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle announced today that Google Fiber will be coming to their city.

Google Rolls Out Free Gigabit Internet To Public Housing In Fiber Cities
Google announced today that it’s going to bring gigabit internet to public housing in all cities where its Google Fiber service is currently available, for free. It’s starting the rollout with a property in Kansas City called West Bluff. It has wired all 100 homes with Fiber and families can now sign up to access the internet at gigabit speeds with no cost to them.

Comcast Gigabit Internet Service Coming To Five New Cities In 2016
Comcast tested its gigabit internet service in December last year and now it’s confident enough to start a much wider rollout. The company has confirmed that its gigabit internet service will be launched in five cities across the United States this year. The 1Gbps service will be available to customers in Atlanta and Nashville early this year while customers in Chicago, Miami and Detroit will get it later in the […]

Comcast Gigabit Internet Service Rolling Out Now
Throughout 2015 companies like Google Fiber have gradually expanded their service to more and more cities across the country, other ISPs have turned their attention towards providing gigabit internet as well, and now Comcast is finally rolling out its very own service. Comcast has confirmed that it has set up the first customer to its 1000 Mbps down and up service in Philadelphia.

Google Fiber Looking To Offer Services In Los Angeles And Chicago
Two major metropolitan areas in the United States may get Google’s gigabit internet service in the future. The company confirmed today that it’s inviting Los Angeles and Chicago to explore bringing Google Fiber to their cities. Google says that it has refined its checklist and preparing for building its network in different places. It’s now ready to use the very same process to work with two of the biggest cities in […]

Chattanooga City Offers 10 Gbps Internet
There’s a city in the United States that’s offering its residents 10 Gbps internet connections, the kind of connection that would make Google Fiber seem outdated, even though Fiber is offering speeds that many haven’t yet experienced in select cities across the country. Chattanooga Electric Power Board, a city-owned power utility, has announced that residents can now get 10 Gbps internet connections, the speed is over 1,000 times faster than the […]