battlefield4Battlefield 4 was released in the later part of 2013 and it was only a couple of days ago when EA confirmed that a new Battlefield was in the works called Battlefield Hardline. This is actually not a bad thing since Hardline will introduce new elements to the game. Instead of it being military focused, Hardline will be about the police, thus adding a more urban element to the game.

That being said, what about Battlefield 4? Given that the game was launched with so many issues that EA and DICE are still trying to figure out, will this mean that EA will abandon Battlefield 4 in favor of Hardline? Well the good news is that no, and Battlefield 4’s developer, DICE, has vowed to continue their support for Battlefield 4 for the foreseeable future.

In a statement released on Battlefield’s website, DICE’s boss Karl Magnus Troedsson wrote, “I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Visceral team is leading the development of Hardline, while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. We are committed to giving you the best BF4 experience possible.”

He went on to state that there is an infrastructure already in place that will allow DICE to continue supporting the game. For example there are dedicated Battlefield 4 teams setup in Stockholm, Uppsala, and LA, not to mention the recently launched Community Test Environment that will continue to help refine updates and patches, well all of this seems to suggest that even with Hardline expected to see a release later this year, Battlefield 4 will not be forgotten.

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