Both Metaio and Toywheel have come together to roll out a global “AR Toys Competition”, where it goes to show just how the world of children have started to change – or rather, has been changing rapidly for quite some time already. Metaio is arguably one of the worldwide leaders when it comes to augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, and to see them team up with Berlin development studio Toywheel is good news, with the launch of the first global augmented reality development competition for toys and children’s games.


It would indeed be interesting to see just what this particular six-week competition will be able to deliver when it comes to altering the landscape of children’s entertainment, especially in terms of the toys themselves as well as the manner in which kids will interact with digital media.

Developers as well as non-developers, designers and even children, teenagers and parents with interesting ideas will be able to participate in a move to maximize the use of AR technology in the future. The specific ideas that are intended to be “harvested” will pertain to those aged 6 to 12, which is an age group that has quite the potential. Do you think that AR games will be the next big thing for kids?

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