gow-ps-vitaFor those of you who played God of War when it first came out on the Sony PS2 a good 9 years ago, I am quite sure that this was one of the more epic moments in your gaming life. Kratos was introduced to the gaming world at large, where we learned about how he was tricked into murdering his own family before he became the “Ghost of Sparta.” Chained by the Blades of Chaos, Kratos goes about to seek redemption from his past sins and intends to lay the smackdown on Ares, the God of War.


It is from this point of the story where Kratos kicks off, where players will come across a Leviathan the size of Godzilla, explore a twisted temple that is physically located on the back of a humongous Titan, dish out 100 hit combos thanks to the the mighty Blades of Chaos without batting an eyelid, and basically bringing everything together in a far larger than life scenario.

The legacy of God of War and God of War II has now arrived on the PS Vita in the form of the God of War Collection, letting you relive past glories without requiring you to remain tethered to the front of your TV since your PS Vita is a whole lot more portable than any regular household console. [Press Release]

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