googleplus-updateGoogle does seem to be on a roll when it comes to a slew of software updates for its programs and app, as we have seen with the latest Gmail for Android as well as Google Maps updates, where the latter delivers bike routes that have elevation levels to boot. Having said that, the search giant has also focused on Google+ for Android, where the latest update would deliver features such as Auto Awesome Stories.

With Auto Awesome Stories, one is now able to combine photos, videos and the places that you have visited and transform them into beautiful travelogues. The Auto Awesome Movies feature is now available on Android, iOS and the web, which means that plenty more people will be able to enjoy highlight reels of their photos and videos.

Apart from that, you can also conjure animated GIFs and photobooth-style images right there and then, where all that you need to do is to tap the new plus button in Photos, picking either Motion or Mix. Not only that, really large photo libraries are now supported on Android, providing you with access to the thousands of photos in a jiffy. You are also able to browse through the entire photo library and highlights by date for easier image location. Why not update your Google+ for Android now? [Press Release]

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