high-life-updateFor those who would want to live out their virtual lives to the maximum in Los Santos, you are in for a treat. Grand Theft Auto Online has just made available The High Life Update, where you will now be able to enjoy features such as high-end apartments, multi-property ownership, a quartet of new rides to go around town in style, a powerful Bullpup Rifle, among others. This is an automatic update to GTA Online which will see the inclusion of five more options to the Los Santos real estate market, where all of them are situated at prime locations such as Eclipse Towers, Richards Majestic and others, with all of them boasting the latest in new interior design.

Since multi-property ownership is now part of the game, this would also mean you are able to own a couple of distinct properties, simultaneously, now how about that for your start in being a property mogul? Just in case you would want to take advantage of the expanded garage space thanks to additional property, you can pick up the Enus Huntly S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (motorcycle), and these will be accessible from any garage property in Story Mode.

Apart from that, The High Life Update will also introduce ‘Non Contact’ to the range of available race options, letting you enjoy standard races with collisions disabled between player’s vehicles, which ought to go down well with some folks. [Press Release]

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