leica cloudLeica is a company known for their cameras and lenses and compared to other camera companies like Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Olympus, their offerings don’t feel as modern and high-tech, suggesting that the company would rather continue to focus on quality, as opposed to trying to incorporate every latest piece of technology into their products.

That being said, word on the street has it that Leica could be thinking about launching a new service of their own: cloud storage. Now before you think that this is designed to compete with the likes of Dropbox and whatnot, it’s not. Rather, it’s a service aimed at photographers who wish to have more storage beyond physical storage mediums, like memory cards, for example.

This information was allegedly revealed by Leica’s chairman, Andreas Kaufmann, who spoke to French website 01net.com and was quoted as saying, “Another area of innovation which the company thinks about is the photos themselves, i.e. the files. “I’m sure you all here have memory cards, hard drives, online backups Dropbox type, and more. But for now it seems to us that all these services are not adapted to the very specific needs of photographers.”

However it seems that Leica understands that they might not have the know-how and expertise to launch such a service, and Kaufmann stated that it will most likely be done with a partner, with more details expected to be revealed at Photokina. “One thing is for sure, we will not enter this field without a partner. We are a small business and this is not our core business. But we think about it and we’ll tell you more at Photokina.”

Photokina will be taking place on the 16th-21st of September 2014 in Cologne, Germany, so check back with us then to see there are any additional details that can be had.

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