nasa-z2-suitI would suppose that something like the spacesuit’s evolution has not exactly undergone scrutiny from the general masses, as it is not the most exciting thing to be announced on the news, unlike a new smartphone from Apple or Samsung. Well, in NASA’s mission to develop a brand new spacesuit that will be suitable for those who intend to make Mars, the Red Planet, as their second home, then it must be noted that a major step has been taken with the NASA Z-2 spacesuit model that happens to take top spot in the space agency’s most recent online poll.


There were three options where 233,431 participants were able to choose from in this rather out of the ordinary survey, and these examples were called Biomimicry, Technology and Trends in Society. The winner by far and large managed to pick up 63% of the popular vote, and it is Technology that you see above, being a gray ensemble that sports illuminated aqua accents. Biomimicry managed to pick up close to 23% of the vote, whereas Trends in Society lagged far behind with a wee bit more than just 14%. We cannot wait to see how the winning design is eventually incorporated into the final version of the Z-2 suit.

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