Netflix has been actively participating in the original content race. It was one of the first online video streaming companies to offer original content alongside its massive library full of third-party TV shows, movies, documents etc. Netflix promotes binge watching by releasing all episodes of its own shows together. Last year’s Orange Is The New Black earned it Emmy nods and much critical acclaim, its no surprise that the series has been renewed for a third season, given that the second hasn’t even been released yet.

The streaming company promised a whole new level of crazy with season two of Orange Is The New Black. All episodes will be released on June 6th and I’m sure a lot of people like me are anxiously counting down the days. The previous season ended at a very interesting moment and many fans are wondering how the story progresses from there.

This Netflix original series has seen unprecedented success, even more than the popular Kevin Spacey starring political thriller House of Cards, the second season of which was released in February. Netflix itself has called Orange Is The New Black its most watched original series ever.

Now that there’s confirmation about the third season we will no longer have to worry if Netflix plans to ax the series after just two season. Its going to stick around until 2015 for sure.

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