r2-d2-keyboardWhen it comes to one of the more courageous as well as resourceful characters in the Star Wars universe, certainly the R2-D2 astromech droid stands out above the rest in terms of stature, never mind that it shares just about the same height as that of Master Jedi Yoda. R2-D2 has gotten himself and others out of near death scrapes way too many times, and will also continue to star in the upcoming Episode VII. Well, it might be a bit early to ride the wave, but there is always a season for Star Wars merchandise as evident by this R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard.

This infrared-projected keyboard is not new, as the technology has been around for quite a fair number of years already, but the way it is packaged certainly adds a sense of satisfaction to it. I for one, am unable to get used to an infrared-projected keyboard simply because there is no tactile feedback for me to rely upon, but for those who prefer novelty above practicality, you will not go wrong with the R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard.

It will connect to any compatible device using Bluetooth 3.0, where it then projects an infrared QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface. Keystrokes will be registered when your fingers tap each “button”. There is also an authentic “BREEEET! B­EEP-DWOOP-TWEET” droid sound whenever it is turned on/off, typed on, or when you change the volume. The $330 asking price is a wee bit too much methinks.

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