The-Key-Visuals-of-the-Galaxy-S-SeriesThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s latest handset in their Galaxy S-lineup of Android smartphones. Unlike the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S5 appears to be more “traditional” in terms of its design where it sports a more rectangular design, versus its predecessors which had more rounded edges.

It also introduced a textured back like the Galaxy Note 3 which is a nice touch, given that previous handsets feature glossy and slippery plastic finishes. That being said if you’re wondering what Samsung was thinking when they were designing the Galaxy S5, the South Korean tech giant has recently published a rather detailed report on the design process of not just the physical aspects of the phone, but the user interface found on the Galaxy S5 as well.

For example with the Galaxy S5’s promotional images, they tend to show off a geometrical pattern on the lockscreen, and if you thought it was just a random choice, think again. According to Samsung, one of the reasons they chose that design and color was because it best demonstrated the capabilities of the FHD Super AMOLED display. The pattern was also designed to resemble diamonds, which according to Samsung, “adds a sense of sophistication to the Galaxy S5 to make it fashionable and unique.”

Samsung has also opted for a “flatter” look when it comes to the design of their app icons, a design which Samsung believes makes it look simpler and cleaner. Samsung also talks about the reason why they chose to design the back of the phone the way they did. For starters they wanted the phone to feel “reassuring” in the hands of its owner, and by giving it a texture, it provided a good grip.

They also talked about moving away from the glossy/shiny look because they wanted the phone to have a more glam look. They also wanted the phone’s design to appeal to the younger crowd which resulted in metallic colors with a matte finish. It’s a pretty long read so if you’d like to learn more, hit up Samsung’s website for the details. In the meantime what do you guys think? Are you digging what you see in the Galaxy S5’s design, or did you think Samsung could have done better?

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